Local Authority

At the beginning of my former activity of a builder, I noticed that the Delta Park area is very pleasant and I told myself more people should see it. At the time there was no public financing available for these things, so we rented a Pullman to use to take people around for free. We printed leaflets to divulge. The owners of beach establishments would throw them away, as they did not want people to go. They prefer that people go to the beach and spend money there eating and drinking, Otherwise how they money out of the coast?

These days the same commercial operators champion the tour with the Pullman because they understand that without the park those beaches are not attractive. The water quality is better in the Tyrrhenian Sea or on the other side of the Adriatic in Croatia. The people who in the past destroyed the coastal environment through development now have "an interest” in nature. Today, they are the ones criticizing local administration construction and development policies. Therefore lobbying policies have turned upside down and local administrators have been elected accordingly. Environmental topics have become popular.