There're a lot of opportunities. Åhus is trying to tap into economic development through things like certain beach festivals. Are you familiar with Havsresan ("Sea Voyage")? This year, the celebration will feature some of our coastline. I think that will be a great way to open up and learn about the ecology and health of Hanöbukten bay area.

We need to be really creative. Like, OK: How can beaches be more than just swimming? You know, we need to see beaches as nature corridors, as recreational corridors for joggers and walkers. What kind of infrastructure will bring people there for longer periods of time? 

I was really impressed with Helsingborg. I went there for the first time this fall and the beaches are much less wild than, say, south of Åhus. There was so much infrastructure to bring people down to the water. To swim, to get easily in and out of the water, to lie in a chair, to exercise, outdoor gym and stuff. It’s like they reclaimed this water front as a place that clearly says "come down here". And I think we can do more of that on the beaches, to engage people. Once you got the people then it becomes the next chapter: Getting them to understand the importance of a clean and healthy Hanöbukten bay area.