Recreation as an economic development is being done here and could be done even more, be it tourism or seasonal grazing on shore meadows. We could talk about all kinds of economic development. Recreation as physical well-being and mental well-being. Recreation is not usually considered a priority, but if we see it as human health and economic vitality in the community, then somehow it goes up the ladder of what we value as a society. 

Krisitanstad is a good example of that because a lot of these fields, the extensive lowland, provide flood mitigation. But it also provides grazing and bird watching opportunities, which are just so valuable. You know, I am doing some surveys right now and I am was in a parking lot, a place south of town between here and Åhus and I was looking for locals and everyone was from Denmark. But there were like 20 people from Denmark! They were there to see one particular bird species. So what they were all talking about was how much money they were spending and the value that they saw in the experience here. So I think Kristianstad can offer a lot as a multipurpose space.