Local Resident

At the time, people had a risk culture. In the marshes, they had water in homes every winter and lived with it. It was not a drama; today, everything is a tragedy. And they always want to put the responsibility on someone. It is the fault of everyone every time. Here is the same problem: storms happens and then reappears. As in many regions... Today people are assisted, at many levels of their life and when it gets a problem, they do not even know how to deal with it.  And they are finally forced to ask help from some organizations that could bring them help. The problem comes from nature. There are things we can control or avoid but people no longer have the "risk culture". If a house was flooded, the next move was to build on a highest point and so on. We cannot fight against nature, we have to try to protect ourselves. If we can't, then we move away. In general, people do not leave. They tried to stay to do in a different way because they usually could no move away. Today we are in a culture of tourism and recreation and all these values and knowledge on risk are lost.