Civil Protection Agency/ Disaster Management Agency


"There are some parts that must be protected provisionally. And there the government has a small resource to lend provisional equipment. To make temporary barriers to protect oneself against water. But they made a small effort and then they didn’t carry on. The government thought it reasonable to provide fire brigade resources to those municipalities that were currently affected, thinking: "The whole country will not affected simultaneously."

But you can fear that with great possibility southern Sweden will be affected simultaneously. And then the rest of Sweden should be able to send resources down here. From a municipal perspective we meet a very large rescue resource that is paid by municipal tax revenues, so then it would appear reasonable that the government accounted for the part of flood protection.

In this case it is equipment that you need to buy and have equipment standing just like we have incredible amount of fire trucks standing in different municipalities one needs to have (...) resources and there we are not quite in agreement with government authorities."